English for Science and Technology Adventures: Engineering and Fabrication Lab

October 04, 2017

The English for Science and Technology (EST) program also goes on trips to the Engineering and Fabrication Lab here on the UC Davis campus. The Engineering Fabrication Laboratory is a facility within the College of Engineering of UC Davis that provides students opportunities to learn and practice hands-on manufacturing and fabrication techniques in a safe, supervised environment. It also offers instructional support to students, faculty and staff of the College of Engineering as they work on projects for classes, independent study, research, and student design competition club.

English for Science and Technology (EST) Adventures: West Village D-Lab

October 04, 2017

Our English for Science and Technology (EST) program shows students some of the coolest spots at UC Davis! EST students get to check out tons of different labs that we have on campus like the UC Davis D-Lab in West Village. The UC Davis D-Lab works with international partners to find scalable, sustainable solutions for specific energy issues in their host communities. Faculty and graduate students from Engineering, International Agriculture Development, Community Development, Business, and Economics work together in teams in the lab and in the field.