Renee Spruce Veatch

Renee Spruce-Veatch

Position Title
ESL Instructor

English Programs


Renée Spruce Veatch has an M.A. and B.A. in English from Stanford University. She taught for fifteen years at Stanford University, including teaching workplace literacy and ESL courses for staff development, and has been a tutor for freshman composition and American literature courses.  She also trained and supervised student teachers in TOEFL and advanced ESL for volunteers in Asia and Student for Eastern European Democracy programs at Stanford University.  Renée has developed and taught TOEFL curriculum, college preparation English, critical thinking and American culture classes at IEPP since 1992. Her other teaching experiences include an eight-week nutrition course, women’s self-defense, English garden design, herbal medicines and beekeeping courses.  She also has a flower farm, sells flowers and perennials at a farmers’ market, and is active in the farming community.