Brian Lockhart

Position Title
ESL Instructor

English Programs


Brian Lockhart, a lifelong EFL/ESL professional, has specialized in teaching all aspects of language and culture to international students for more than 25 years. After graduating with a double master’s degree in linguistics & Spanish from Southern Illinois University, he taught English as a foreign language in Madrid, Spain, before settling in Davis, California. He has taught at UC Davis Extension since 1990. His recent teaching focus includes courses in TOEFL preparation, grammar, composition, and American idioms and expressions. Brian also serves as textbook coordinator and is involved with Sakai, an online community creating technology that enhances teaching, learning and research.  He was at the forefront of the implementation and use of SmartSite, an online collaboration and learning website adopted at the IEPP as an academic resource for staff and instructors. In his spare time, he enjoys family activities including traveling, camping, and team sports.