UC Davis Student Assistant Spotlight - Elaina Lopez, 4th Year

Students with the student assistant

What does #WhyDavisWednesday mean to the student assistant, Elaina Lopez? 

Elaina Lopez, 4th year (International Relations, minoring in Art Studio)

Elaina at the Fukuoka Custom Program Graduation
Elaina at the Fukuoka Custom Program Graduation

A Sacramento local Elaina is one of our UC Davis undergraduate student assistants!

Student assistants are the go-to people for the international students when they need help, advice, or just a buddy to make life in Davis easier. 

Fun Fact: “I came to UC Davis thinking that I would probably be studying animal science. However, despite my love for animals, I realized I like people more!! So I found International Relations more fitting.”

Elaina with Program Coordinators

What surprised you the most about this job?

“The variety of roles! I definitely couldn't have predicted everything we (SAs) would be doing. I've given bike tours/assisted tours, photographed various events, assisted teachers, front desk work (IC, ILC, Cowell), created hundreds of ID cards and computing accounts, helped set-up and take down events from potlucks to graduations, all of which I've been more than happy to help out with.”

What is your favorite part of the job?

“Meeting incoming international students is definitely one of my favorite things, as well as being able to work with my wonderful managers who are always so kind and encouraging. There’s always something new to do, which can be a challenge, but it also keeps things interesting for us student assistants.”

Halloween Party at International Center
Elaina, assisting hosting the Halloween Party! 

What does “Why Davis Wednesday” mean to you?

“The Davis community is really special. I've never met so many interesting people in such a small span of time. However, I did not think this at first because my shyness kept me from initiating anything. So, I would encourage student to step out of their comfort zone and just talk to people.”