To Boldly Dream at UC Davis: IEPP Student Video

IEPP Students
Proud achievements of the IEPP Students Aziz Aslaif (on the left) and Abdulrhman Alali (on the right) from the video at their UC Davis graduation


           At UC Davis Extension Center for International Education, students strengthen their ambitions and passions in their fields. Like the former IEPP students Abdulrhman Alali and Aziz Aslaif from Saudi Arabia, they started out with an English program in the International English Professional Programs, then decided to continue their education in Davis to pursue Master's degrees, and eventually, completed their Ph.D at UC Davis. 

           Providing a quality education that leads students and professionals from anywhere to achieve personal development in their field by broadening the worldview is one of the valuable goals of UC Davis Extension Center for International Education. Our International English Professional Programs consist of different concentrations that cater to our students' interests. (See fun fact below) 

           Besides the academics, the students in the video talk about the diverse cultural and American experiences in Davis. The diversity not only helps exploring and reaching their goals, but also Davis stands as one of the safest and inclusive cities to live in the United States of America. 


Fun Fact:  What does IEPP stand for?

Answer: IEPP stands for International English Professional Programs, which include our 10-week Intensive English Program, and 4-week long Communication and Culture Program, English in Science and Technology Program, and English in Global Business Program.