Intercultural Research Project: What Do You Want To Learn?

Intercultural Research Project
Our student chose the topic of "exercise" to know the public opinions of UC Davis students

Please join us in the MPR this Wednesday afternoon for the Communication and Culture, English for Science and Technology, and English for Global Business Intercultural Research Project Poster Presentations. 

Students will be presenting the topics they have been researching over the past three weeks while studying here in Davis.  This is a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow international students and learn about their thoughts, perceptions and interests regarding communication, culture, technology and business.

Their poster session will be March 7, 2018 from 2:30 – 5:00 p.m.  See what one of our students, who will be participating in the research session, has to say:

“I am from Japan, and I like my research project because I can talk to American students. It’s interesting to see how different and similar our backgrounds are, despite being 8,000 km away from home. My research project is on exercise! I want to explore the reasons why people exercise and why they stop. I have an interesting question that says, “Would you still exercise if you lost weight without have to visit the gym?”