#FridayFunFact Spring Event #3: IEPP Picnic in the Park on April 18th

Come to the Picnic this Wednesday!

IEPP Students: come join our picnic at the Davis Central Park on April 18th, from 4:15pm-8pm! During this time, the famous Davis Farmer’s Market will have food trucks, local farmer produces, music and performances. Before the midterm season hits, make sure you come to enjoy the relaxing and warm spring evening with your friends.

Picnic in the Park

The Farmers Market in Davis has always been a loved spot in town on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings. Students from all around the world experience not only the delicious food and entertainment, but also Davis’ community strengths in environmentalism and food sciences. UC Davis students love boasting the Farmer’s Market attires to support the local public event, especially the hat – if you own it, you know you are from Davis! 

Student assistants will be at the IC at 4:15pm on Wednesday, April 16th to lead IEPP students to the picnic. Hope to see you there! 

Succulents from the Farmers Market are perfect for decorating!
Succulents acquired from the Davis Farmers’ Market  are popular accessories for UC Davis student’s room decor.