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Social Media has revolutionized the way businesses interact with the public by opening channels of communication that reach a wide audience.  At UC Davis International Programs, we believe social media to be a great tool to communicate with current and prospective students, partners and recruiting agencies and stay in touch with our alumni. Each social media platform under International Programs purview allows us to cater to specific audiences.






With 2.4 billion monthly active users, this giant platform is a great way to communicate with international audiences. The Facebook page for UC Davis International Programs (IP) has a diverse audience of 12 thousand people that includes students, partners, agents, alumni and staff.  We use our Facebook page as a channel of communication with our staff and students, updating them on the latest events, activities and blog posts. We recently started a Facebook group for current students, instructors and staff. The difference between our Facebook page and the group is that in the latter, students and staff can engage in communication, be updated on important class announcements and changes, and ask questions during their time in  our programs.






With a growing younger audience, Instagram is another great way to connect with students. You can find us at @UCDAVISIP. The visual nature of this platform allows for creative use of videos, photos and graphics. Some students share their photos and we repost them in our feed. It is a great way to see up-to-the-minute updates and day-to-day happenings of our current programs. Instagram hashtags help us categorize our posts. Our favorite content is graduation photos, since students enjoy seeing their accomplishments and like to share it with their own Instagram network.






International Programs has created a showcase page on LinkedIn, in an effort to connect to a professional audience and highlight the programs, instructor and opportunities offered.  Through our work with agents and partners, we hope to highlight our strengths and allow our programs excellent in and out of the classroom learning to shine through.  It also allows our academic leadership to share their own writings and other relevant articles in the field of English Programs, Pathway Programs and International Education.