Davis Jump Bikes: A Guide

Davis Jump Bike

Bicycles are a great way to move around Davis. The city has bike friendly roads, as well as the famous bike loop that passes through fun tunnels and bridges. If you don't want to break the piggy bank by buying –and maintaining– a bike, renting, or you are just looking to use one for the weekend, Jump Bikes are a great and affordable alternative that is well worth it.

Jump Bikes are assisted-electric bikes that everyone can share around town. All you need to do is download the app, set up payment options and follow the steps in order to start riding! The application is free and supported by IOS and Android.

jump bike app

Once the app is installed, sign up or login using your Uber account (if you have one). Once you are set up, the app will show a map displaying available bicycles for use. Next, choose the bike closest to you and reserve it.

jump bikes map


When you find the bicycle, scan the QR code located in the front, and the bicycle will unlock. Jump bikes cost $1 dollar for 15 minutes of use and 7 cents for every minute after that.

jump bike qr


The bicycles have three speeds and adjustable seats. Don't forget to check the brakes and tires before use. Also, we recommend to wear a helmet for safety on the road!

jump bike helmet

When you want to finish the ride, the process is very simple. Find a safe parking place to leave the bike at; never leave it in the middle of traffic roads or sidewalks. Find the lock on the side, then push it against the bike until it locks. The app will make sure you want to end the ride, and charge the fee for usage.

jump bikes locking


Have fun riding!