Live Your Abroad Life Like A UC Davis Student!

Join UC Davis

Studying here with UC Davis Extension is a great way to get a whole new experience in a completely different environment. On-campus housing is truly one of the best ways to understand what the lives of everyday American students are like. At UC Davis, dorms are directly on campus. This means that you can get to all your classes and favorite on campus spots in less than 10 minutes!

Not to mention, you have access to the university dining commons (DC). The DC is where all first year students go to get their meals while living in the dorms. With one swipe of a card, you go into an all-you-can-eat heaven with foods that are sustainably grown from all our campus resources. The dorms are a fantastic way to truly get a genuine student feel, as you can see how American college students live with one or two other people in dorms and make friends with the fellow students on their floors! Plus, since you are directly located on campus, it will give you more freedom throughout your day - which is something you will definitely appreciate.

Space is limited and dorms are only available for Extension students during the summer. Message us to learn more!