How Will Spring Be? - 5 Things To Do in Davis

UC Davis Arboretum's beautiful color palette for the spring time

Perhaps, spring may be the best time of the year in Davis. The season starts with rains that leave the air cool and wet, and as we near summer, the days will end with the sun setting late and the air being drier! Temperatures range from the 60s to the 80s (16-32°C).

UC Davis Main Quad
UC Davis quad's breathtaking rows of tall, green trees will welcome you to spring quarter.


Davis will soon begin to be colored with spring flowers.

Here are some tips on what to do to enjoy this beautiful season. Chill in the Arboretum: You can see how gorgeous the first photo is. 

  1. Hike at Berryessa or take a walk to a park: Just a short drive away from Davis, Lake Berryessa is a beautiful destination to enjoy hiking, camping, and sight-seeing. 
  2. UC Davis REC Pool Opens!: The REC pool usually opens at the beginning of spring quarter, then closes in fall. 
  3. Picnic Day 2018, April 21st, Saturday: Check out the festivities and events going on at campus. The Picnic Day parade commences at 9 a.m.! 
  4. The Whole Earth Festival 
    Whole Earth Festival. Photo creds: DavisEnterprise
    The Whole Earth Festival on the UC Davis Quad celebrates the nature, environmental stewardship, cultural preservation and community bonding. Photo Creds: Davis Enterprise 


P.S. You can go to Lake Tahoe (if you want to enjoy the last bits of the winter) because the snow and the ski/snowboard season will last until the middle of spring.


Take a Walk in the Spring
A UC Davis student taking a stroll on a sunny spring late afternoon. What a way to recharge!


Like so, UC Davis students can enjoy the quirks of the Spring climate and nature in Davis, California. 

What is your favorite way to spend your time around the spring time? 

Are you the dozing off type who love to enjoy the warm sunlight for a siesta? - which is so relaxing! Or will you take your chance sometime and get the most out of the season?