How to Quit Smoking

How To Quit Smoking

How to Quit Smoking

by Saud Aljeddani 

Every person has bad routines. Moreover,most of these bad habits affect our health,for example, smoking cigarettes. It is going to infect the body with respiratory diseases, cancer and others. Alternatively, smoking cigarettes will kill smokers in a slow way. Some people think that it is hard to quit smoking. Whether you have been smoking for a long time or not, there are some guidelines you have to follow such as will, staying away from smokers and doing sports and exercises to quit smoking.

First of all, we can do any hard thing if we have the will and determination. We should start the change from ourselves. It could be hard at first, but as days go by, it is going to be easier. You can encourage yourself by motivational things. For instance, use the calendar and mark the last day that you smoked, then challenge yourself how many days you can stop smoking. The urge to smoke will reduce and you will get what you want in short time.

Secondly, one of the most important things that helps you to quit smoking is to stay away from smokers. As long as you stay away, you will not think about smoking. For example, try to change your friends, or just stay away from your smoker friends if they smoke. On the other hand, be close to your friends who do not smoke and tell them you quit. They will help and encourage you, especially at first. People who are around you will strongly affect your way of life. For that reason let them guide you in a positive and right way.

Finally, there are many things you can do in your free time, such as doing sports. Take advantage of your spare time by doing exercises instead smoking. For example, participate in the gym to regain your fitness. Furthermore, set a time every day for walking and breathe the fresh air. Whether you fill your time by doing beneficial things like sports, you will find the ability to quit smoking.

In conclusion, our health is priceless. We have to protect it as much as we can. By starting doing exercises we can be healthy people. Even though you are smoker, you can quit by following those steps above. It will reduce the risk of diseases and make your health better.