Calum MacKechnie

I had lived in Canada for 11 years when I heard of this position being open. I had heard of UC Davis before, and the school was in a wonderful location, so I wanted to come instantly. I get to see which parts of the world are interested to experience our programs and our cultures, I feel thankful for the diversity the students bring. I was also surprised at the number of customized programs that this place offers. A group can easily request a customized educational program for their needs and preference. My favorite part of the job is being able to help the students, and being able to travel to places the students come from. Despite the long flights – haha, I love seeing the world. I’ve been a part of the International education career my whole life! Starting as a part time ESL teacher. My passion for this career is immeasurable. My favorite activity is International Evening. You know, it’s really cool and fun to see the traditional clothes and try the food items. There’s also ice cream socials!