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Adventure of a Lifetime Across the Golden Gate Bridge

June 11, 2019

“I just wanted to cross the Golden Gate Bridge by bike,” said student Ryotaro Sakaguchi. “My friend told me one could cross it by bike, so this is why I chose to do it.”

Using Art as Expression with English Language Learners

March 27, 2019

Walking the halls of the International Center, you can’t miss the beautiful collection of photographs, sketches and needlework that appear on the 2nd Floor. If you look closely, names and locations are listed on each piece. This collection is the result of ESL Instructor Elizabeth Morrison’s efforts to brighten the hallways in a way that engages and recognizes her students. 

Zakeyah Alsharif, Chemistry 2015

October 03, 2017

I studied five levels at UC Davis Extension. After I finished the IEPP program, I got accepted at Arkansas State University. I started my master’s program in Chemistry in 2015, and I will graduate in summer 2017. I work in a research lab and worked as a teaching assistant, as well. Because of the IEPP program at UC Davis Extension, I have been well prepared. I want to say thank you to all of my teachers at UC Davis Extension.


Zakeyah Alsharif, Saudi Arabia

Walaa Alshammari - Proud of UC Davis Extension

October 03, 2017

I'm proud of studying at UC Davis Extension, which is the best place to learn English. In addition to the educational aspect, I gained a lot of skills and development like reviewing weekly reports in Weekly Activities Newspapers, doing volunteer work, and the most important is getting the Leadership Award. Most of this is thanks to the presence of the great instructors. After I returned to my country, the search for work became easy because I have a certificate of the English language. I was teaching English in a private school for one year, and now I work as a secretary.

Ruoqi Du - Summer of 2015

October 03, 2017

I am Ruoqi Du, I am from China. I studied at UCDE for one quarter in the Summer of 2015. After that, I went to UC Davis school of law, then got my LL.M degree in the May of 2016. Now I am a lawyer and working in Xi'an, China. At UCDE, l learned not only the language, but also the communication skills. The experience at UCDE really helped me to succeed in law school and in my career.

Ruoqi Du

Mulhim Almulhim - An Amazing Experience

October 03, 2017

I had a really amazing experience at UC Davis Extension. I had the privilege of being taught by professional and caring teachers. After I finished the Extension courses, I started my master’s and then did my Ph.D. in Law at Penn State Law. Now, I have established my own law office in Riyadh. I also teach business law courses at universities in Riyadh.

Mayu Yoneyama - Grammar Class

October 03, 2017

“I'm Mayu Yoneyama, a former student in Grammar class in 2015. I am going to work at Cisco Systems in Tokyo on this April. I actually looked for a job in the cosmetics industry, but I couldn't pass more than 50 companies' interviews. At that time, I felt the Japanese society did not need me as a worker. In Japan, students get a job around May, so I was so depressed and felt nothing.

Marcela Rojas - The New Situation

October 03, 2017

When I moved to Davis in 2013 because of my husband’s job, I was scared, not only because of the move, but also because of my broken English (400 level). I needed to improve my English because the TOEFL was the principal requirement for getting my license as a physical therapist. The process was extremely difficult, but by enrolling at UC Davis Extension, it was easier. The adaptation to the new situation was smooth because I quickly got a bunch of new friends from literally all around the world. The teachers were AWESOME.

Masashi Shinto - Machine Learning

October 03, 2017

In the program, I studied English pronunciation and vocabulary, and also make presentations in class, on a topic that I choose. My topic was on ‘Machine Learning’, such as AI, also known as artificial intelligence. I would describe this experience as positive because the opportunities of conversation with a lot of different foreigners from all over the world. It is something I don’t get to experience a lot just by being in Japan.

Masashi Shinto

(Chuo University, Japan, Graduate student in Computer Science)

Hazumi Takao - A Fantastic Experience

October 03, 2017

I have to and wanted to study English more, and right now, we are learning pronunciation in class. The classes also help broadening my scientific vocabulary. It is a fantastic experience to communicate with Davis students. The presentation topic I chose is ‘Competition Dynamics on Ligaments’. I am researching and making presentations in English. Later, I will have to present everything in English. That is going to be, although scary, such a valuable experience.

Hazumi Takao

Osaka University, Japan, Graduate student in Biomedical Engineering

Daniela Suarique - A New Language

October 03, 2017

I had the incredible experience to do my exchange and learn a new language in the Intensive English Program (IEPP) at UC Davis Extension. The program has everything that is required to improve your English: grammar-composition, vocabulary- reading, listening-speaking, and TOFEL preparation. I took classes with many people from other countries; they are my best friends and we are still in touch every time we can. I now work in my own electrical and lighting design company. We import many products from China, so I have to use my English to do international agreements with my suppliers.

Claire Krueger - An Amazing Experience

October 03, 2017

Studying at UC Davis Extension was an amazing experience that helped me decide what I want to do in life: work in international education. When I went back to France I continued studying English and obtained a bachelor's degree in English as a Second Language. Then I came back to the USA during my senior year of college where I met my husband. I am now a preschool lead teacher in Philadelphia. We are planning on moving back to France so I can go back to school for a master’s degree in ESL. My experience in Davis nourished my love for the English language and the American culture.