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#StaffSpotlight of our CIE student assistant, Kelila

December 05, 2017

Interviewing: Kelila Krantz (3rd year, International Relations major

“Working here, each day is a new adventure and often contains many surprises. One day, I am running around campus on an elaborate scavenger hunt, one day I am a conversation partner, or another day I am scooping ice cream for socials!

Ryan Hedrick - Program Coordinator

October 03, 2017

How did you first get involved with UC Davis Extension’s Center for International Education?

Nepotism!  Hehe.  Back in 2007, a good friend of mine used to work for the International Law unit.  At the time he mentioned a sister unit (IEPP) was hiring.  He enjoyed working in the international environment, and based on my background, thought it would be a mutually pleasant relationship.

What has surprised you the most about working with UC Davis Extension’s Center for International Education? And what is your favorite thing about the job?

Melissa Granados

October 03, 2017

I have been working at the CIE as an Activities Coordinator for a year. I love the people I work with. With such a diverse range of personalities and talent, I feel like I belong in a family that truly cares about their job. I am surprised at how much I grow each day. I have such respect and admiration for our students, the inspiration in the bravery and ambition they bring. A fun fact about me is that I have an embarrassingly large collection of board games. No one loves board games as I do!”

Dennis Mahler

October 03, 2017

After teaching for four years here at the International Center, I have been an Academic Advisor since, guiding students through their individual goal and plan. My favorite thing about my job is the interaction between cultures and a sense of family in this community. At the international fair, I get to wear the traditional clothing from different countries, and get to know more about different food, drinks and cultures from students. I’ve learned to make Turkish coffee and Arabic style qahua.

Calum MacKechnie

October 03, 2017

I had lived in Canada for 11 years when I heard of this position being open. I had heard of UC Davis before, and the school was in a wonderful location, so I wanted to come instantly. I get to see which parts of the world are interested to experience our programs and our cultures, I feel thankful for the diversity the students bring. I was also surprised at the number of customized programs that this place offers. A group can easily request a customized educational program for their needs and preference.